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All registered and financially cleared students will have a new 25MB email account in the format <studentid>@mysta.uwi.edu. eg. 987654321@mysta.uwi.edu.

This new service will be used by you, the student, for ALL official communication with Your Lecturers, Campus Administration (Admissions, Student Services, Faculty Office staff etc), and other students

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My Student Records & Financial Clearance enter secure area Link Opens in a new window

My E-Learning http://myeLearning.sta.uwi.edu/

Exam Information Download the Exam & GPA Regulations Booklet

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Library Online Electronic Resources

Students can now access the online electronic resources to which the Campus Library subscribes from off campus. Each student can log in using his/her username (student ID) and password (initially set to the student date of birth in the format YYYYMMDD). Students can click here to login

Scholarships & Bursaries - YEAR 1 Students

The Student Affairs (Admissions) Office of the Registry is pleased to announce the availability of Scholarships and Bursaries for the 2007 / 2008 academic year to students entering Level 1 off Full-Time study at the St. Augustine Campus. Click here for a listing of the scholarships available. For application forms click here.


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